Take a little while, search deep within, set positive goals, choose outstanding model, don’t limit your dreams, dream extensively, have it at heart that the only barrier is YOU, it took many a while to figure this out, but as always, you are what you make out of you.

Some where born rich, some worked to achieve wealth, some walked into fame, while some toiled for it, there’s never two same story, walk your part. We often make wrong choices wanting to be like someone else, you could emulate certain characters, do same tricks, produce at same limit, but you sure aint the same person, belief, there’s just too much difference.

Take me for an example, I’m often stuck in between multiple personalities and a state of confusion, ever been faced with that? I’ve got this limitless passion for music, I am quite a good sketch artist, I write well (Poems and other articles), I am an averaged IQ person intellectually, I am a storage bank open to ideas and new stuffs, there’s just so much creativity, still don’t know how to draw up a CV with all this.

Of late a lot inspires me, I see a rich kid, I want to work hard, I see a good musician, and for the next few weeks it hours of relentless practice, Don’t even show me an amazing sketch, because that’s hours of sleepless night, Then you show me a dude with abs, damn, you just called off the holiday from exercise, a host of other negative stuffs influences me to (just stating the positive stuffs), most often i even channel my emotions towards this an a lot more, I’m quite an emotional person but i prefer to use the word “broken” cos it helps me achieve more.

Relationships quite have a massive effect on our kind of people, only that we most often choose to hide behind what we know and all that, so as to avoid a lot, I am one heck of an argumentative human , don’t blame me, i read a lot and often argue to proof a point, I take every word you say, put to research till am convinced, that’s just who I am.

Enough said about me and all that, but key fact, never look down on what you don’t have, when you see whats I front of you, the poorest man is the one with no dream, and be glad you do, if successful people tell you their stories, you’d see a lot started from where you are today.

I am twenty-one (21), but i see the future from a different perspective, you should too, you shouldn’t just conclude because the economy isn’t in your favour, or you come from an unstable background, or of the less empowered race, that’s limitations and you are the one setting boundaries yourself, reflect on your state, cry if necessary, get on your feet and decide to make the difference, that the beginning.

Take a bold step “DECIDE”, work towards what you want, expand your knowledge, innovate new ideas, don’t stick to old methods, define new means, there is a very thin line between GENIUS  and INSANITY, but its more foolish to stay in the middle.


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